However, it should not be concluded as ‘easy’. 0 ⋮ Vote. Based on these assets they will map the complete white space based on the recombination of these applications in specific market contexts. How do we decide, in this fast changing world, what are attainable adjacencies? Examples White Space Analysis Tools for Growth It can help uncover opportunities that are not obvious ; it can identify new openings untouched by competitors, or it can be considered part of what was traditionally deemed a remote, different industry or outside the boundaries of the firm. Follow 12 views (last 30 days) IGOR RIBEIRO on 28 Mar 2016. Note: " "is not the solution. White spaces help separate paragraphs of text, graphics, and other portions of a document, and helps a document look less crowded. 2. Virtual reality. Generally speaking, white space is any empty area of a design or composition; the margins in a book, or the sky in a painting: It’s as simple as that, yet it’s often white space that separates good design from bad—almost always because there isn’t enough of it. The first is the fear and hesitation around white spaces. Here are some of the responses. The challenge was to make the account managers embrace this change and grow the existing platinum accounts which seemed stagnant. Two things are certain – the meaning of White space mapping in practical terms for us as a Key Account Management technology will keep evolving. First came the usual clichéd ones to set the ball rolling. When people talk about exploring white space in innovation, they are often referring to the need to explore under-served markets or businesses that are outside their core. Our job is to leverage technology to bring all the varied data points together. Before this, we had already configured various service lines or Offerings which the customer was taking to the market. This is a sense-making process, one that takes place in a new context, beyond traditional assumptions. And two – Whitespace is anything but white (or blank). Everything You Should Know About Account Management KPIs, The What, Why, and How of Sales Acceleration – 101 Guide, How to Optimize Your Business? So, that is how a Friday afternoon game led to a session on White space mapping and its meaning. 1300 WDS Entries with diagrams. The account was well placed then, but the revenue growth of the account had stagnated. After this, the Account Manager created a plan to grow business with the new offering in the new Buying Centers. Commented: Chad Greene on 29 Mar 2016 Accepted Answer: Kelly Kearney. By combining external internal and future white space analysis we give a structure for strategic intuition and instinct to work within. An example would be when Sony examines the digital camera market, they will map out the competitive spectrum from amateurs to prosumers to real professionals and determine what gaps are emerging and where do they find non-consumers where they can open up a completely new category. Tony and Barry Buzan point out in their highly-regarded The Mind Map Book that a great way to coax new ideas forth from your marvelous brain is to insert several blank branches in your hand-drawn map. Hello, I'm making a map with surfm but is getting blanks within map grid. When  our team at Idea Couture leads white space exercises we help by creating a map of all these interacting elements and correlate these with customer needs and technology trends. Prior to this, Milind co-founded QEDbaton & built the process frameworks for Delivery & Operations. 3D location … Hello, I'm making a map with surfm but is getting blanks within map grid. Thin provisioning This method contrast with thick provisioning and helps you eliminate storage underutilization problems by allocating storage space in a flexible on-demand manner. White space Analysis is one of the most ‘used’ modules across all DemandFarm users. It is very difficult but very important for every designer to try and sensitise their clients about the value the white space will add to their business in terms of usability and conversions. The purpose of customer journey mapping is a strategic one, to understand what customers go through before and when engaging with a brand online and can be applied off line. White space thinking provides a framework that ensures, first that all the major influences on markets and strategy are analyzed and secondly that we move beyond assumptions to new scenarios based on analyzing those elements imaginatively. With ESXi, you can use two models of thin provisioning, array‐level and virtual disk‐level. The tracker shows where the Space Station is right now and its path 90 minutes ago (-1.5 hr) and 90 minutes ahead (+1.5 hr). Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. 0. Note that the xsl:strip-space only affects nodes that are pure whitespace. Mapping your company’s ability to address new opportunities or threats that may require a change in business model to pursue How White Space & Innovation Maps Are Used: For the most part, an innovation map that focuses on your company’s products or services and plots a history of these over time is an External Perspective. When the XML is parsed, all leading, trailing, and embedded white space is removed. In telecommunications, white spaces refer to frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but not used locally. What’s Hiding in the Great Unknown, Amidst All that Data? The first step in the white space mapping process is to determine if you will approach it from an internal or external or future perspective. Follow 7 views (last 30 days) IGOR RIBEIRO on 28 Mar 2016. An example would be when Canon needed to look at the evolving competing space and first mapped out their core capabilities to see where they have most advanced technologies, patents and market access. Using white space effectively in a document keeps the reader reading the document, and helps the reader quickly find … How do we use white space mapping? These themes will inform white space opportunity mapping and facilitate identification of hot spots. The xsl:preserve-space has similar syntax but does just the opposite to the … A white space is a unique set of attributes, not an existing product that customers truly value. A white space being some place totally new where your competitors currently aren’t focusing. 08. The xsl:strip-space specifies the XML elements that should have whitespace text nodes (that is, text nodes composed entirely of whitespace characters) stripped. Pretty Ugly. 2,599 9 9 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. A similar exercise in all key accounts for all new offerings leads to an additional plan of $40million in 2017. In this scenario, white space mapping becomes an instrument to identify barriers to your company that can inhibit it from pursuing new products, new markets, or to counter a competitive response to your moves. White space is highly rated as Wasted Space by most businesses since they feel the space can be utilised to show more content. With the adoption of TVWS access, White Spaces broadband internet will reach further more rural … This White Space Map then allows you to pinpoint specific opportunities for upselling and expansion. By bringing this in the open we are explicit also about our assumptions. In the world of hyper-innovation every company needs to address the unknown. One can see Opportunities & Engagements at multiple places. The foresight inputs include a range of strategic options generated from the same sense of white space and possibility that an externally focused mapping exercise generates. After this, the Account Manager created a plan to grow business with the new offering in the new Buying Centers. Sign in to comment. You could almost say the definition of the ‘white space’ is that there are few footprints in the sand. Search for: White Space Mapping – Seeing the Future Beyond the Core. However, this is undoubtedly the more important form of output because of the way it alters/ influences the very mechanism of strategy development itself, namely the perceptions of the mind(s) involved in strategizing. Idris Mootee of Idea Couture takes a look at white space mapping, a tool for overcoming your fears. Alternatively referred to as spacing or whitespace, white space is any section of a document that is unused or space around an object. Like any blank canvas white space can provoke fear and hesitation. White space is a process management concept described by Geary A. Rummler and Alan P. Brache in 1991 as the area between the boxes in an organizational chart—where, very often, no one is in charge. Vote. It looks at all the online touch points and maps out the impact … When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Living Dead. There is generally a lack of rigor when applying this toolkit due to its fuzzy nature. The white-space property specifies how white-space inside an element is handled. The goal is to find gaps in existing markets, products, or service lines that represent opportunities for your business. Prior to Idea Couture, Idris was Senior VP, Global Chief Strategist at Blast Radius (WPP) working with Nike, Starbucks, AOL and BMW. Some of these gaps may be opportunities with little or no competition, some may identify non-consumers, and others may uncover an entirely new market space that has the potential to transform your industry. White Space Mapping – Seeing the Future Beyond the Core, How to Grow a Crowdsourcing Community by 1,500 Participants in Just a Few Weeks. Milind is CEO & Co-Founder of DemandFarm. In computer programming, whitespace is any character or series of characters that represent horizontal or vertical space in typography. Milind also serves on the Board of LeadEnrich & is a Strategic Adviser. Stars. The combination of these new Buying Centers & the new Offering became the focus area or the ‘white-spaces-analysis’ for growth. Authors: Ronald Jackson. White space mapping helps you to map areas to grow your service or product. The process can be used to identify entirely new markets or it can be used to map incremental innovation in products or services. White space mapping helps you to map areas to grow your service or product. After this, the Account Manager created a plan to grow business with the new offering in the new Buying Centers. It is one of the most comprehensive modules I have ever experienced and honestly, it is one of the most important bits of DemandFarm for all stakeholders in the Strategic Account Management ecosystem. Less is often more when it comes to graphic design because … That is how you go from being a vendor to a preferred business partner, and that is the very soul of Account Management. Idris Mootee of Idea Couture takes a look at white space mapping, a tool for overcoming your fears. However, the space might remain unused causing underutilization of storage capacity. Consistently, users have come back to tell us how useful it is; and how it has got most of what KAMs, Sales Ops, and Leadership need to be able to make strategic decisions about their Account. Make one aspect of your design prominent. White Space Mapping – Seeing the Future Beyond the Core Exploring white space in innovation, is exploring under-served markets or businesses that are outside the core product portfolio of an organization. This process is used to determine how efficiently and effectively you can react to  opportunities and threats from  process, systems and structural perspectives. Driving Sales Excellence in 2021: What, Why, and How? The white space narratives often manifest themselves in visual maps, multi-media presentations, narratives and even experiential events that communicate future context. There is a class trim() to remove white spaces, how about adding/padding? The tools of external market analysis are fairly well known. What companies really need is a structure to bring the intuitive aspects of design thinking into action. A CXO friend – also a DemandFarm user – said ‘it is the maximum info about the account in terms of business opportunities.’ Paraphrasing her, white space mapping allowed her to see where they were strongest and weakest, where they were selling – and where they were not, and provided the strategic intel required to fill the significant gaps. White-space mapping is the process used to find white-spaces in a market. However in white space mapping the objective is to approach the unknown. One such example is when DemandFarm acquired a big Salesforce competency shop enabling them to offer services around Salesforce practice. asked Mar 9 '11 at 17:17. White space mapping usually consists of a number of workshops. They are liberated from core assumptions and that makes them threatening. Because of the standard offerings like Engineering Consulting, Enterprise Security, etc. The internally focused white space mapping process is an inward looking tool used to map your companys abilities and address new opportunities or threats from current competitors. Mind mapping software is a perfect tool for exploring white space opportunities, because it leverages the brain’s powers of association. 0. Up to magnitude 20. White space in map grid. Double stars. Ideascale 2020-04-02T11:38:34-07:00 June 13th, 2013 | Categories: Strategies | Tags: business opportunity, Innovation Management, … Since this was a new Offering the account managers were made to think where this new Offering could be sold. So, the account manager of Airbus identified Helicopters, CIO Org, Commercial Aircraft, etc. For e.g. Keeping other elements minimal to open up more white space. When we speak about Whitespace mapping and analysis at DemandFarm, the focus is on joining all the dots (across the Client and industry) for the big picture and then identifying all the white space opportunities for growth – laterally or up and down the value stream. Finally, I turned to the practicing professionals to get their thoughts on what the White space Mapping and Analysis mean to them. White space has been used to good effect in identifying opportunities for companies thinking of exiting existing business (Intel exited the Dram business or IBM exiting the PC business) and companies looking high growth opportunities or (Research In Motion getting into the tablet business) companies wanting to explore strategic diversification (Virgin extending the brand into insurance and banking). Internally focused, white space mapping becomes an inward looking tool to map your company’s ability to address new opportunities or threats and how efficiently and effectively it can react to these opportunities from a process, systems and structural perspective. It was an instant hit. The company's senior managers knew they had to act quickly to enter the e-commerce space. It can also be a new source of customer value that can be translated to economic value. Happily married. Many companies are reluctant to enter any white space because of the unknowns. Do we look at the core from competencies, brand, or assets? For a company to remain relevant over the long term, it must respond to these shifting conditions intelligently and white space mapping needs to be part of its strategic planning efforts. Live Space Station Tracking Map. Having created these Offerings and Buying Centers in the account, DemandFarm generated an account of Landscape. Not just opportunities to sell, but opportunities to add or create value for the Key Client and their business (including innovation to the product, service or process). 21k 33 33 gold badges 104 104 silver badges 150 150 bronze badges. White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities. White space in map grid. Jamaica has announced the development of TV White Space technology to expand access to the internet in major population centers as well as townships and villages, which will provide internet connectivity for education, police and community centers through Microsoft-supported devices and cloud services. In addition to these internal questions, the company also faced a high degree of external uncertainty: the market was … When rendered, a whitespace character does not correspond to a visible mark, but typically does occupy an area on a page. The existing TV contour files are from the FCC database and current as of August 2010. Rudimentary searches did not throw up much, and I would be happy to hear more about the specific management theory on Whitespace Mapping. Perhaps the most important part of this is we make two things explicit. The future focused white space mapping process will put an emphasis on applied strategic foresights. Working with many blue chip companies, his client list includes LG, TD, AARP, Humana, Diageo, Pepsi, MIT, Liberty Mutual, Kraft, and AstraZeneca. And then some of the clever ones…(welcome to the world of techies) – Customer support. Artist views. The first step in using white-space mapping is to determine whether you are approaching it from an internal, external or future perspective. But they couldn't agree on the details: which of several competing divisions should own the market, how conflicts over channels would be resolved, how prices would be set, and so on. These are the three different lenses to white space mapping:The externally-focused perspective to white space mapping begins with mapping the market, products, or services in your markets and determining whether these are served, under-served or un-served. I tried to lower the grade, but white space does not come out. This option is available only at mapping level 2.1 or higher and CHAR-VARYING=COLLAPSE is the default value at mapping level 2.1 or higher for all languages other than C and C++. Idris Mootee advises on strategic innovation, applied strategic foresights, and new venture business design. It is where 80% of my Account Planning work gets done” said one. share | improve this question | follow | edited Jan 1 '16 at 11:32. xyz. Sign in to … Alternatively, [\h\v] is a good (PCRE) generalization to match all Unicode horizontal and vertical white space characters, see also While this is not an all inclusive tool based on the final adoption of white spaces rules, it will give you an idea of which channels will be available based on your desired use. … Below you will find a link to a Google Earth mapping file that allows you to investigate the possible availability of TV white space spectrum. Sobiaholic Sobiaholic. At this stage, the team will test out various scenarios and create customer scenarios that make the opportunity tangible. “White space isn’t neat or nice; it’s effective and valuable” Having convinced with the … As I usually do in such cases, I first turned to the theory. White space is a process and tool that allows us to look at the landscape up and down the value chain with a new lens. He received extensive management education from London Business School, Harvard Business School, Brunel University Graduate School, and Ivey Business School. Organizations need to actively look for new sources of differentiation; white space mapping is becoming an important strategic exercise for organizational learning and strategic planning. National and international bodies assign different frequencies for specific uses, and in most cases license the rights to broadcast over these frequencies. He is also an avid sports fan, voracious reader & above all a humanist. 0 Comments. Here we have taken an example of Airbus. Thin provisioning allows you to report more virtual … Internally focused, white space mapping becomes an inward looking tool to map your company's ability to address new opportunities or threats and how efficiently and effectively it can react to these opportunities from a process, systems and structural perspective. – Thanks to Sales Enablement Tools, Cross-selling And Up-selling: Demystifying The Code. Using white space online So KAM teams can focus on interpreting the intel, turning them into strategic action, creating the business case and buy-ins, and consistently nurturing, deepening and widening their Key Client engagements. He was instrumental in developing & conceptualizing the idea behind LeadEnrich when he worked full-time for the first year. Opportunities, Of course! java whitespace space trim spaces. White space mapping helps you to map areas to grow your service or product. Then, Salesforce was configured as a new offering and started appearing on the account Landscape as the new column. An example is when LG mobile wanted to explore the trends of mobile and devices for the future, they started with creating personas of future customers and based on those personas developed a series of strategic themes. Vote. We would love to hear! Show Hide all comments. He is the author of four business books (many of which have been translated in multiple languages), an avid photographer and designer. So obviously I then looked at Whitespace in the KAM context more deeply. This is how the account looked in the beginning, we had all the Offerings as the Columns and the Buying Centers as rows. Idris has worked across the globe in many major cities including London, Milan, Boston, LA, Hong Kong, Toronto and San Francisco. In other words – a visual representation of the current deal pipeline and (short and long-term) opportunities. Default value: normal: Inherited: yes: Animatable: no. – it is a busy, busy place. A $600 million IT services company with 50+ key accounts used the account landscape to map and grow their accounts. which were less relevant now. as the Buying Centers. White space can cannibalize existing products or services, it can require extensive system design and support, and in some cases it can require very different business models. It was Friday, and I wanted to have some fun with the team, so we started up one of our favorite games – Foxymorons. There are dilemmas facing most companies and the process of stepping back to look at the white space around us often brings us face to face with those dilemmas. It is a module we invest a lot of time on because one of the promises we make to DemandFarm users is growing Key Accounts. White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities. The internally focused white space mapping process is an inward looking tool used to map your company’s abilities and address new opportunities or threats from current competitors. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Digital White Space utilises the customer journey mapping framework to create a view of how a brand engages with potential customers, prospects and current customers. Idris partners with clients in all sectors globally to identify their highest-value innovation opportunities, address their most critical challenges, explore strategic options, and develop new-game strategies. 0 ⋮ Vote. The launching of the NEX-7 is a good example, an innovative new non-mirror interchangeable lens digital camera designed to compete with other manufacturers’ top-level interchangeable lenses DC products but at a moderate price range. Moon map. What was the textbook definition of White space mapping in the management context? While the old buying centers were not generating new business, the account manager was still able to plan for an additional $1 million in Marketing and another $1million in Sales Buying Centers. 8900 stars with extended description. White space, White privilege: Mapping discursive inquiry into the self. What are your biggest barriers to spotting and leveraging opportunities for growth and value creation with Key Clients? As markets mature, competition intensifies; new technologies are invented, and new consumer behaviors  constantly emerge. Clearly confused. Property; white-space: 1.0: 8.0: 3.5: 3.0: 9.5: CSS … How do you approach white space analysis and mapping for your Key Accounts? Bring Your White Space Analysis to Life Kapta automatically creates a visual report showing product penetration across your entire customer portfolio. But I found the purely ‘innovation-centric’ discussion inadequate for the way we approach it in Key Account Management. It is where products and services don’t exist based on the present understanding of values, definition of business or even existing competencies. The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.
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